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High angle view of a vacuum cleaner in an empty room

Vacuum cleaner repairs services

Electro-Fix revives a variety of appliances from leading brands with our vacuum cleaner repairs services. Customers in Seaforth and the wider area in Liverpool trust us to fix vacuum cleaners that have lost suction for a competitive price.

Over the course of time, your vacuum cleaner can encounter various problems like poor suction, bad smells, and excess noise. We have acquired the expertise and skills to quickly identify problems that your vacuum cleaner might have. 

Call us if you want to get your vacuum cleaner working properly again. We can source a variety of spare parts for leading brands and troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner’s issues as quickly as possible.

What is the average life of a vacuum cleaner and is it worthwhile repairing it? 

Generally speaking, the average life of a vacuum cleaner is 8 years. This number depends on many factors such as brand, vacuum style, suction power, and how often you carry out proper maintenance for the appliance.

It is recommended that you get a full service on your machine at least once a year to prolong how long you can use it.

Is it worthwhile repairing a vacuum cleaner?

The answer to this question is: it depends.

A simple fix that you can try is checking to see if there is a blockage in the cleaner’s pipe. Another one is removing debris and hairs from the filter or flow head of your vacuum cleaner. However, if you notice a burned or spoiled motor then it might be best to book a call out with an experienced vacuum repairs engineer.

Call us and we will be able to diagnose the issue that you cleaner is experiencing. We can source spare parts for leading brands like Dyson and provide solutions that should get your vacuum cleaner performing back to previous levels.


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What our customers say

"The gentleman  on the phone was very helpful"

Alan Shelton

"Good for spares and advice"

Gary Mcqueen

"Fantastic service, definitely be back"

George Pennington

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Speak to an experience vacuum cleaner repair engineer, call Electro-Fix today on 0151 920 0754.

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