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Saving energy with a quick wash

Washing machine repair 
services for appliances from leading brands

Having a washing machine break down on you mid cycle is a nightmare many people face. Electro-Fix offers same or next day washing machine repairs services for customers in Seaforth and the wider area in Liverpool.

Having being in the business of fixing appliances since 1976, we know a thing or two about troubleshooting washing machines from leading brands.


Call us when you need a repairs specialist to order spare parts for your machine. This option works out better for a lot of customers who were considering throwing away their washing machine. 

What to look out for before you book an engineer to look at your washing machine

One issue to look out for is if your washer washes fine, but when it comes to a spin the drum smells smoky. A second sign is if your washing machine is leaking from the door. The final clue to look out for is when your washing machine lights turn on but the cycle doesn’t start. 

There are more things to look out for before calling a washing machine engineer. But, this short list should give you an idea if it’s the right time to call us to have a look at your machine. 


What Electro-Fix Does Best

Repairing Washing Machine.
This is a shallow DOF and copy space of shag rug
Clean dishes in dishwasher


What our customers say

"Great service.  Repaired Microwave at a reasonable price.  Highly recommended.

Just dropped item off and left a small £10 deposit,  he advised he would  call if repair cost more than agreed amount- It was actually less than estimated amount!

Fantastic and better for the environment. Thank you."

Andrea Boon

"Excellent service - job done at a great price without any fuss. Great work!"

Steve McArdle

"Needed a pump tyre for a single tub washing machine, got me one the next day."

Contact Us

Book a call out with a washer repairs engineer, call Electro-Fix today on 0151 920 0754.

12 Seaforth Road
L21 3TA

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